» » » Liposuction: why is it so important?

Liposuction: why is it so important?


How to make liposuction and what the flaws of a figure can be eliminated with a plastic surgery?

Many women ask themselves this question. Dreaming of a beautiful, slim figure, they limit themselves in food, do not go to the gyms and beauty salons. However, it's impossible to remove local accumulations of fat only by these measures.

Only a plastiikkakirurgia will help in this situation. Liposuction - an aesthetic surgery, during which a doctor, using a special vacuum pump, removes excess fatty tissue in the abdomen, hips, buttocks.

Liposuction: How to begin?

Defining a specific volume of surgery, the choice of the optimal variant influence on the wishes of the client - the main problem to be solved in the preliminary consultation. It is important to realize that rasvaimu does not help to lose weight quickly, and does not relieve the patient from excess weight.

Such operation only improves the contours of the body, restores its normal proportions. Incidentally, the average amount of fat which is removed in one procedure of liposuction should not exceed 3 kilograms.

Anesthesia depends primarily on the factors such as the amount and duration of upcoming operation, the patient's age, the presence of a concomitant illnesses.

Most women request to make liposuction of thighs, buttocks (the so-called zone "breeches"), as well as the abdomen, face, neck and chin area. The usual duration of surgery - from 20-30 minutes to several hours. Closure cuts after liposuction are done with a special cosmetic suture. The patient may be allowed to go home within a few hours after liposuction or the next day. Full rehabilitation may take about two weeks. Usually within one month after this plastic surgery wearing a special elastic underwear is recommended.

It should be emphasized again that liposuction does not remove the excess weight, because the operation can not replace the physical exercise and a certain diet. This surgery has its indications and contraindications. For example, do not make liposuction if you have diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory dysfunction, liver and kidney disease, varicose veins in the area of ​​operation. A main purpose of the method - a removal of the local cosmetic defects. In this case liposuction helps to solve many problems.

After liposuction many people decide to do a vatsan muotoilu to become more slimer. In our clinic the best doctors pick only effective and proven methods up that help change every client’s life forever for the better.

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